Professional Financial Guidance & SupportReimagined

Fintor offers a dynamic fusion of cutting-edge technology and expert guidance, tailored to enhance your unique financial journey.

User-friendly, adaptable, and exceptionally cost-effective. 

Membership Support

Learn from a team of qualified financial professionals from anywhere in the world 24/7.

Personal Mentor Support

A tailored learning and advice experience delivered from where you are most comfortable.

Transparent Inclusions & Support

All memberships include free access to Fintor’s wealth portal and Education platform, where you can access free and premium financial education & tools!

Free Membership Kick Start

Our “Kick Start” membership is tailored for individuals seeking access to financial technology, support, and a dedicated team familiar with their financial situation, ready to provide professional assistance as needed.

Kick Start

 Free Access

Wealth Portal

Live chat with Support team

Education Platform

Cashflow & Wealth Reporting

Property Evaluation

Motoror vehicle Evaluation

10% discount on advice fees


$99.95 per month

Everything available in Kick Start, plus:

Live Wealth Portal Data

Live chat with Advice team

Professional Administration Support

 Advice Team Access

Review Fee: 50% Discount

Strategic advice fees: 25% Discount

Interact Membership

Our “Interact” membership is designed for those who desire cutting-edge technology for real-time updates on their financial status and goal progression. This membership includes the added benefit of on-demand access to a dedicated adviser, complemented by extensive ongoing support from a professional team.

Transparent Inclusions & Support

All of Fintor’s continuous coaching programs incorporate our Interact Subscription. The Professional Advice service, however, is tailored for specific, singular events requiring advice and, as such, does not encompass the Interact Subscription.

The Mentor Program

Ready to master your financial future?

Our Mentor program offers comprehensive support, from expert onboarding to quarterly reviews, plus enriching financial education from Fintor. Start your journey to financial success today with the Mentor program and take a step towards financial independence and stability.

The Mentor Program

$299.00 Per month


Six Month Commitment

Statement of Advice (SoA) documents

Implementation of Product & Strategies 

Huge range of financial strategies included

No additional upfront advice fees for included strategies

Quarterly 45-minute catch-ups

Monthly – 15-minute on-track calls

Interact Subscription Included


The Financial Academy

Recommended – $599.00 Per month

Six Month Commitment

Statement of Advice (SoA) documents 

Implementation of Product & strategies

Specialist financial strategies included

Multiple legal entities (2 maximum)

Additional legal entities $225.00 per month

Monthly 45-minute catch-ups

Fortnightly – 15-minute calls

Interact Subscription Included

The Financial Academy

Eager to accelerate your financial growth?

The Financial Academy, powered by Fintor, offers a comprehensive program to enhance your financial knowledge and skills, complete with expert guidance from onboarding to monthly reviews. Gain insights into complex strategies and make informed decisions for a brighter financial future. Start your journey with the Financial Academy today and begin building your path to financial success.

Professional Advice

Seeking professional assistance for efficient and beneficial financial guidance?

Fintor’s professional advice service is your solution for tailored advice matching your unique financial situation.

Our financial experts offer quick, effective counsel without long-term commitments. From investments to retirement savings or general financial management, we’re here to help. Take charge of your finances with our personalized service.

Experience the difference today!

Professional Advice

On Demand – Starting @ $1,300 

Pay as you need advice fees

No ongoing fee commitment

Membership Support available

Specialist financial strategies available

Advise over Multiple entities

Implementation of Product & Strategies included


Membership Support Inclussions

Free Interact The Mentor Program The Financial Academy
Education Platform Offering
Free Courses
Financial Fundamentals
Master Courses
Specialist Courses
Education Discount On Associated Strategic Advice
Discount 25.00% 50.00% Included Included
*The discount above is the total discount applied to strategic advice fess. This discount is NOT added to the Interact discount offered on strategic advice fees.
Live Chat Support
Support Team
Adviser Support
Mortgage Broker Support
Live Data Tracking Yearly Daily Daily Daily
Wealth Portal
Net Wealth Tracking & Reporting
Cashflow Tracking & reporting
Goals & Objectives Tracker
Property Value Tracker
Motor Vehicle Tracker
Professional Services Inclusions
Client Services Support 20 Minutes 5 Hours Included Included
Adviser Support 10 Minutes 40 Minutes Included Included
Mortgage Broker 10 Minutes 40 Minutes Included Included
*The above-stated time limits are reset annually at the start of each financial year. Should these limits be exceeded, additional fees will apply. A representative from Fintor will notify you in advance of any extra charges. Furthermore, fees for Reviews and Strategic Advice will be separately detailed in a Letter of Engagement, provided formal advice is deemed necessary.
Personal Advice Discounts
Review Fee 0.00% 50.00% Included Included
Strategic Advice Fee 10.00% 25.00% Included Included
Ongoing Personal Financial Coaching
15 Minute Chat Monthly Fortnightly
Quarterly Review
Monthly Review

Professional Advice & Strategy Options & Inclusions

The Mentor Program The Financial Academy Professional Advice
Program Availability - eligable persons/ entities
Single or couple
Trusts / Self-Managed Super's / Pty Ltd
Cashflow Management Strategies
Banking & budget Optimisation
Personal Lending strategy, Refinance & Repayment Optimisation
Investment Lending strategy, Refinance & Repayment Optimisation
Centrelink & Family Assistance Benefits
Wealth Protection Strategies
Cash Reserve & Liquidity Strategy
Basic Planning & Protection Advice
Insurance Product Advice
Basic Insurance Needs Analysis
Comprehensive Insurance Needs Analysis
Comprehensive Planning & Protection Advice
Wealth Creation Strategies
Basic Tax Optimisation Strategies
Investment Risk appetite & profiling advice
Super Risk appetite & profiling advice
Investment product advice
Investment contribution strategy
Superannuation product advice
Superannuation contribution strategy
Superannuation estate planning
Outsourced Portfolio Solutions
Tailored Portfolio Solutions
Integrated Portfolio Solutions
Retirement Planning Strategies
Retirement planning Advice
Transition to retirement advice
Centrelink Advice
Aged Care Advice
Specialist Financial Advice - As Required
Comprehensive Tax Optimisation Strategies
Ownership Optimisation Advice
Property Portfolio Strategies
Borrowing to invest (gearing)
Debt Recycling
Self-Managed Superannuation (SMSF)
SMSF Borrowing
Buying Property in Super
Business Growth Strategies
Business Retirement Advice

Transparent Pricing

Fintor’s financial advice team is driven by a passion for our clients’ success.

Before your initial onboarding, our highly skilled team conducts extensive market research and product analysis, ensuring we offer personalized and efficient advice. Much of our effort, about 80%, happens behind the scenes, where we diligently work to provide top-notch recommendations and support.

To maintain competitive fees while dedicating ample resources to each client, we implement a fair charging structure.

Free & Premium Financial Courses

Access a wide range of financial education 24/7.


One complete view of your finance, progress & goals. Customised reporting & advice document portal.

Investment Portfolio's

Access Fintor’s latest investment portfolios and latest updates.

Research & Opportunities

Access market-leading investment research, economic updates & opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

Which courses are free?

Currently, Fintor provides three free comprehensive financial education courses including; Insurance Optimisation, Super Optimisation and Budget Optimisation. Fintor plans to expand it free education offering in time.


Why does Fintor provide free courses?

Fintor makes money from advising Australian’s from all walks of life. To engage, excite and inform Australians of the life changing benefits Financial Advice can deliver, Fintor is happy to give insight and guidance into the process financial advice takes to uncover your potential. Once you’ve completed your first course Fintor is confident you will continue with our engaging education to better your financial future!

Why does Fintor provide over a 40% discount on advice fees for people who complete a financial course?

Each course informs, educates and asks the attendee to research and analyse their own situation. This process allows Fintor to significantly reduce the time it spends gathering information, explaining strategies, features and concepts. With an informed and engaged customer our advice process becomes efficient which reduces time spent & the overall cost to you. It’s a process designed to help you save… Basically what a financial team should be doing!

Why is your education content so cheap compared to Fintor’s advice fee?

Fintor financial education platform is designed to compliment Fintor’s advice process through members gaining the knowledge they seek and a heightened understanding of the advice topics & strategies their adviser may discuss.  At no point does any lesson provide advice.

How does Fintor use my information?

Fintor is able to see the basic information entered into the form at sign up. Any information provided to Fintor is held with the strictest of confidence and subject to our Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) Privacy Policy.

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