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Fintor offers a dynamic fusion of cutting-edge technology and expert guidance, tailored to enhance your unique financial journey.

User-friendly, adaptable, and exceptionally cost-effective. 

Uniquely Your Future With Fintor

Fintor introduces a cutting-edge fusion of advice and advanced technology, offering a personalized financial experience for every Australian. Our partnerships with industry leaders and use of innovative tech provide a wide array of affordable financial solutions and support, ensuring you have a trusted advisor by your side.

Fintor is a collaboration of industry experts to deliver solutions in:

Improved Knowledge

Discover expert strategies & knowledge to create your unique financial future.

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Financial Education

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Financial Strategies

Discover how our advice specialists can shape your unique financial future.

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Financial Advice

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Lending Strategies

Discover how our brokers can optimise your unique financial future.

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Mortgage Broking

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Investment Strategies

Uncover our unique fusion of expertise, tech, and research, all tailored to elevate your financial future.

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Investment Management

Finance Made Easy with Fintor

Everyday, we help Australians create more savings, protect their loved ones and elevate their wealth.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and confused, you’ll love Fintor.


Many Solutions, One Team

Tired of multiple logins, minimal transparency and explaining yourself over and over again?

Fintor uses the latest tech to create a secure and hassle free experience.  

Kick Start Membership


Personal wealth and education platform, live chat, holistic reporting and tracking capabilities, & advice fee discounts!

Interact Membership

$99.00 per month

Live data for optimised tracking and reporting, adviser and professional support inclusions, 50% Discount on Review fees and 25% discount on strategic advice fees.

Mentor Program

$399.00 Per Month

Six-month commitment, no upfront fees, monthly meetings & fortnightly progress catch-ups. It's about taking your time and learning the skills to make Fintor redundant in 90% of your future financial decisions!

Professional Advice

$500 Up front Fee

Our proven method precisely determines your current financial position and goals, offering cost-effective advice. With Fintor, you'll understand the advantages of our guidance before any additional fee commitments!

Transparent Pricing

Crystal clear pricing, with no hidden fees or commissions.

Fintor gives you different ways to get help, all with clear, set prices and without any long-term commitments. We’ll show you how to start saving money right from the start!

Award Winning Team

The best advice needs a dedicated team.

We’re proud to offer Australian-based support with flexible scheduling, making access to the help and guidance you need easier than ever!

Registration Made Easy with Fintor

Fintor’s seamless integration of expert advice and sophisticated technology makes signing up effortless. Register to instantly access our educational platform, support resources, and live chat. When you’re ready, join our free wealth portal. Our intuitive technology guides you in providing the necessary information for Fintor to begin coaching you towards elevating your unique financial future.

Think of us as another member of your family.Seriously.

Every member of our team cares deeply about helping you evolve your unique financial future. 

  • NReal people who genuinely care about you and your future
  • NTalk to us via chat, phone, email, Teams or Zoom
  • NEvery membership plan gets free & friendly support
  • NOur service & processes are all design to save you
  • NFree introduction & account set up
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