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Fintor offers a dynamic fusion advice specialists and cutting-edge technology to tailor and enhance your unique financial journey.

User-friendly, adaptable, and exceptionally cost-effective.

Four Concepts That Deliver Unique Benefits

Fintor’s Building Block methodology separates key financial concepts into compartments to simplify and prioritise the groups of financial strategies to make the education process easy to understand and personally adaptable. Each financial building block encapsulates the knowledge needed to formulate and understand your exact needs, objectives and goals.

The methodology helps you understand why each aspect of your finances is essential and how everything is interlinked when developing a robust financial plan to create peace of mind and financial prosperity.

Fintor's building block methodology for expert advice

Solid Foundation

Explore expert strategies to establish an optimized foundation for your unique financial journey. Click for more details!

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Cashflow Management

Optimal Security

Discover how our advice specialists can help protect what matters most, and create security to elevate your continued wealth. Click for more info!

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Wealth Protection

Lifestyle Optimisation

Uncover our expert strategies to optimise your ability to create your own unique lifestyle. Click for more info!

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Wealth Creation

Financial Freedom

Explore how our experts craft strategies and secure income sources to support your unique lifestyle after your career. Click for more info!

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Retirement Planning

Why use Fintor's Building Blocks?

Fintor’s innovative Building Block methodology is designed to pinpoint vital information necessary for crafting strategies in the following building block or advisory segment, ensuring a thorough and effective approach. Furthermore, this methodology establishes a structured process that not only addresses current financial goals but also encourages the pursuit of both new and existing personal aspirations, enhancing the overall financial planning experience for our clients.

One Process For Multiple Professions

Introduction Meeting

  • Enjoy a free 20-30-minute meeting to determine our compatibility and to outline key aspects of our process, licensing, legal terms, fees, and what to expect regarding timing, location and service.

Collecting Information

  • Register for Fintor’s free membership and access our wealth portal. Our system takes it from there. The more details you provide, the more efficient, accurate, and beneficial our advice will be.

Onboarding Meeting

  • This meeting aims to grasp your goals, objectives, and aspirations, and it’s a vital chance to correct any inaccuracies in your provided information or discuss potential future changes. Additionally, our advice team will introduce strategy concepts tailored to your specific goals and objectives.

Engagement Meeting

  • Our strategy and engagement meeting will showcase practical strategies aligned with your goals, highlighting their benefits and implications. Crucially, our team will clearly outline the advantages of our advice and compare it to our fee, ensuring transparency before any agreement.

Formal Advice Meeting

  • Our team will provide a formal advice document detailing recommendations, benefits, and implications of each strategy. It will importantly include comparisons between existing products and their fees for your clarity.

Solution Implementation

  • You’ll be introduced to the Fintor Client Services Team and assigned a dedicated case manager. Our team then efficiently and accurately implements recommendations with minimal effort required on your part.

Still Need Convincing?

Fintor offers a free 20 – 30 minute introduction meeting!

You can ask questions, see if we’re the right fit and have confidence in your choice.


Fintor's Financial Strategies

Everyday, we help Australians create more savings, protect their loved ones and elevate their wealth.

Here is just a few area’s that our financial advisers can help you with, but remember, if you are feeling overwhelmed and confused, you’ll love Fintor.


Self Managed Super (SMSF)


Portfolio Management


Property Investment


Debt Recycling


Tax Optimisation


Loan Optimisation


SMSF Lending


Investment Selection


Borrowing To Invest


Insurance Products


Ownership Strategies


Super Contributions


Banking Structure


Legacy Protection


Financial Reserves


Savings Strategies


Education Planning




Aged Care


Retirement Planning


There are more Strategies

However, it’s ideal to have an expert tailor strategies to your unique circumstances.

To discover which strategies suit you best, start by completing our wealth portal registration!


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