Please read and understand the warning below before entering this part of the website. To enter the website you must accept the general advice warning. Fintor highly recommends that you understand the impacts stated below & seek advice.

General Advice Warning & Legal Disclaimer

Information contained in this investment portal is of a general nature only. It does not constitute personal financial or taxation advice. The information does not take into account your objectives, needs and circumstances. We recommend that you obtain advice specific to your objectives, financial situation and particular needs before making any decision or acting on any of the information contained in the portfolio portal. Any changes to you portfolio will be subject to:


TAX - Including Capital gains & income tax


Buy/Sell Fees - potentially as high as 1.00%


Brokerage Fees - Based on share trading platform


Administration Fees - Based on product provider


Investment Risk - Market volatility & potential loss of money.

Why Seek Advice

Advice customises portfolio’s to you!

Fintor’s financial advice team customises each clients portfolio to their particular objectives & goals. The portfolio’s displayed in this portal are subject to constant change based on market information. The portfolio’s are used in their entirety only when a Fintor client does not have any particular objective or need toward their investments.  

Seek Advice before implementing any investment or change to a portfolio depicted.

Fintor’s advice will determine if a portfolio or any changes mentioned are right for you. Fintor will assess the change, any implication and assess if the benefits outweigh any particular fess, charges, taxes or other costs. Fintor recommends that you use the information only as a point of reference to speak with your adviser.

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