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100% of our finances courses include Action Plans that allow you to calculate, compare & realise your potential!

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Fintor’s education devision has developed select courses to help our members learn from licensed financial professionals at a fraction of the cost of seeking personal advice.

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Fintor team of financial advisers use industry-leading research from Lonsec & Zenith to construct and identify our investment offering!

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Good financial advice starts with a process, great advice starts with education!

Catch a person a fish and feed them for a day, teach a person to fish and feed them for a lifetime!

Up to 50% off Initial Advice Fees

Your commitment, understanding and research saves us time & you money!

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Fintor's Suggested Courses

A list of financial courses that suit your stated goals, objectives, and financial concerns.

DIY Financial Academy

A structured pathway that Fintor’s financial team utilise to build & tailor a pathway to a successful financial future!

Accelerate & Accumulate

A list of financial courses that advance your financial knowledge to accelerate your wealth accumulation through strategy and structure!

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Book a call back

Book a 10, 20 OR 30 minute call with Fintor – Free of charge.

Maximum of 30 Minutes Per Financial Year – unless you are paying an ongoing advice fee. 


Fintor Rewards

Fintor rewards our friends who refer our services to friends and family.


Rewards are paid for a successful referral only.

Credit Score Report

Fintor can provide you with a comprehensive credit Score report via Equifax.


One check per annum.

Financial Health Check

Access our free financial health check to better understand what is possible, assess potential savings and understand your financial priorities!


One check per annum.

Your Financial Education Centre

To access the latest financial courses and continue to progress your financial knowledge. Fintor’s education centre has you covered!

The education centre allows you to continue with courses you have currently enrolled into, track your progress & reduce advice fees!

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