Fintor’s Financial Health Check

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Financial Health Check

Income & Expenses

Our Software will quickly identify the last 6 months of net income and expenses and highlight any areas of concern.

Net Income

Our software will quickly identify the net income you have received across your banking. This data will then be utilised to provide our cashflow health check, including the lending & rate check. 

Expenditure Report

Our software will quickly identify and group your expenditure into different categories to identify strengths, weakness’ and concerns relating to your expenditure. The Software will provide a basic indication of your monthly expenditure. 

Health Check & Summary

Our system will highlight responsible lending “Flags” so you are better informed as to what the bank looks for and what to focus on. The report will also contain an account summary including liability expenses, centrelink payments and a balance summary report.  .

Financial Health Check

Lending & Rate Check

Our system will obtain information about your current loans and liabilities and use this information in conjunction with our property evaluations & Income & Expense check to determine the health of your current situation and if any improvements can be made. The report will detail potential savings that could be achieved.

Financial Health Check

Insurance Check

Our investigations will ask you to include Superannuation statements & any policy summary you have in relation to your Life, TPD, Trauma or income protection policies. Once received our team will compare pricing, definitions and features and details any concerns we have as well as providing an overall health score on your protection.

Financial Health Check

Super Check

Our investigations will ask you to include Superannuation statements & once received our team will compare pricing, features and detail any concerns we have as well as providing an overall health score on your Superannuation.

Feature Comparison

Our team will compare the available investments, tax strategies and Estate Planning options available.

Risk Profile Check

Our team will highlight the Risk Profile currently selected in your superannuation and provide information about expected returns & volatility.

Price Comparison

Our team will provide you with a cost comparison accross all your supers and benchmark your costs against Fintor’s selection of industry leading super funds.

Financial Health Check

Property Evaluation & Suburb Report

Our team has access to software which can use the latest data available to provide a desktop evaluation of your property. The report will also include other information such as the potential rental yield of your property. A suburb report will also be provided given valuable information about the area that you property is located in.

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What to Expect

Our Health check is comprehensive and the information provided will vary depending on your inputs. The information you provide is directly linked to the accuracy of the Health Check. You will receive an email with access to Fintor’s secure document portal which will detail the information we require.

Completion Time

Our system will send you & your partner a link to our secure document portal within 2 business days. Once you have completed the information requested and clicked submit. Our team will go to work and you should expect your health check within 1-3 business days.

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