Fintor Rewards & Partnership Program

Fintor loves to help friends and family of our valued clients and our trusted business partners, it’s how our business is built. To show our appreciation we’ve built our rewards program.

Fintor is excited to work with like-minded people to deliver excellence, efficiency and results for clients and business alike. 

Rewards for Fintor clients

Mortgage Referral

Refer a friend to Fintor & receive a $100 VISA gift card for loans over $200,000 OR $200 for loans over $500,000 & $500 for loans over $1 million.

Insurance Referral

Become a partner of Fintor & receive a $80 gift card for any successful referral you make!

Advice Referral

Become a Partner of Fintor & receive a 10% discount on your ongoing advice fees for the next 12 months for each referral you make- up to a maximum of 50% for multiple referrals!

Rewards for ABN Holders & Business Owners

Mortgage Opportunities

Become a partner of Fintor & receive 20% on upfront & 15% on ongoing lending commissions.

Insurance Referral Solutions

Become a partner of Fintor & receive 20% of any insurance commission above $1,000.00

Advice Referral Solutions

Become a Partner of Fintor & receive a flat referral fee of $250.00 on any client that proceeds with advice. 

Referral Opportunity

Financial Planning

Forget what you know about financial planners, Fintor starts its advice process on things that matter today, not in retirement. Let’s make our clients wealthy today!

Referral Opportunity

Mortgage Broking

Unlock your clients potential and help them achieve their aspirations with the right lending advice and solutions to get any deal across the line! 

Referral Opportunity

Tax Specialists

Most accountants look backwards but with a team of financial planners, mortgage brokers and financial educators there is no option but to look through a 360 degree lense! 

Security for your business!

Segregated Referrals

Fintor is able to provide services that include Financial Planning, Mortgage Broking & Taxation Services. Should any of these services overlap or interfere with your own business, let us know and we’ll make sure to never contact your client about the services you wish to exclude.

Future Business Guarantee

Fintor is wanting to establish long-lasting relationships with trusted professionals. If Fintor reviews your client’s situation in the future and finds a more suitable solution, strategy or product, our agreement will continue – Guaranteed!

Easy Integration

Easy Process & The right Technology!

Fintor makes it easy than ever to refer and tailored and structure process means that every clients receives top priority service! 

Easy Registration & Referral Process

Technology to track, investigate and implement solutions to get the right results fast!

Technology to keep you informed at key stages in our process!

A financial team dedicated to excellence!

Registration & Referral

Let’s Better Australia’s Financial Future!


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