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One View Wealth Portal

Understanding where you sit financially doesn’t need to be a nightmare. With our Real View wealth portal, you can quickly view how you are progressing towards your targets without the help of a professional. 


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Detailed Reporting

We have been working with Lucas and the team at Fintor for a several years now and have been steadily building a strong, diverse portfolio of investments to secure our financial future.

N & S Burke

Collaborate, Update, Review and more

Transparent & Helpful

Fintor provides complete transparency, allowing you to see all the efforts our team is making on your behalf. Stay informed and track the progress of the strategies we implement for you.”

Know Your Team

Document Portal

Transparent File Notes

After dealing with the Smithers’ family from his grandfather, then his father and now Lucas. It has been a revelation being involved with Lucas since he opened up his own Financial Mentor business. His knowledge, professionalism and ability to communicate with what is required to achieve financial freedom.

S & L Harrison

Your bank account will thank you

Daily updates & reporting

Too many financial planning businesses require a meeting to provide updated reporting. Not with Fintor.

Report Across Entities & Individuals

Cashflow & Budget Reporting


Track Goals & Progress

My wife & I have been with Lucas Smithers our financial mentor for the past 4 years. Lucas is very passionate & professional in what he does. We are slowly meeting our goals & we are grateful for he’s patience & guidance. I highly recommend Lucas & he’s team to family & friends.

S & D Grech

Helpful guidance, when and where you need it

Access Professional Guidance

The day you need help just got less stressful thanks to Fintor’s support and adviser access.


Live chat

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Lucas has been helping my husband for 20 plus years and myself 15 plus years, I did not make it easy for Lucas when I came across from my previous super and I still can not believe what he has done for us.

C Ryan

Understand what is possible

24/7 Knowledge Centre

We equip you with step-by-step training and industry-leading knowledge, empowering you to take control and confidently progress on your financial journey.

Education Dashboard

Tools & Calculators


Serious Advice Discounts

Our features are massive and so are our strategies...

Self-Managed Super (SMSF)

“Learn how a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) can open up investment opportunities, leverage your superannuation, and create numerous possibilities for both you and your business.

Portfolio & Investment Management

Access a collaboration of expert companies, leveraging the latest technology and research, all dedicated to minimizing volatility and generating returns that align with your financial objectives.

Property Investment

Enhance your property acquisition strategy by optimizing available ownership structures, enabling you to expand your portfolio, increase holdings, and minimize tax liabilities as you grow your property empire.

Debt Recycling

Adopt a strategy that transforms your loans into tax-deductible debt, while simultaneously investing to repay these loans and enhance your unique lifestyle.

Lending Optimisation

Learn how to master your loans, turning debt from a liability into an asset that you can leverage to enhance your unique lifestyle.

Protect what matters most

Develop a suite of mechanisms that work together to safeguard your financial journey, ensuring optimal protection for you and your legacy.

Education Planning

Educate yourself on tax-free saving strategies for your family’s education plans, easing the financial stress of your children’s tuition.

Superannuation Optimisation

Gain a deep understanding of the potential of your superannuation and discover why it’s a key tool in wealth creation and achieving a sustainable, unique lifestyle.

Saving Strategies

Improve your banking structure and saving capacity both now and in the future, boosting your ability to build wealth and achieve the unique lifestyle you envision.

The strategies just don't stop...

Tax Optimisation

Discover the power of ownership and learn about the structures and mechanisms available to reduce your tax burden now and in the future.

SMSF Lending

Learn how your superannuation can be leveraged to borrow for investing in property, shares, and other assets, thereby enhancing the wealth accumulated within your super.

Insurance Needs & Products

Boost your security with appropriate insurance coverage, ensuring optimal definitions and features to maintain the prosperity of your financial journey.

Tax Optimisation

Discover the power of ownership and learn about the structures and mechanisms available to reduce your tax burden now and in the future.

Investment Selection

Explore an investment universe tailored to your needs and objectives, aligning with investment outcomes that lift your ambitions to new heights.

Retirement Planning

Secure a steady and dependable income stream to support your post-career ambitions, ensuring the continuation of your unique lifestyle and the achievement of your goals.

Borrowing to Invest

Enhance your investment approach with a strategically planned borrowing strategy, designed to amplify returns and mitigate unnecessary risks.

Transition to Retirement (TTR)

Build the confidence needed to transition into retirement, allowing you to ease off the pace and enjoy life more fully.

Super Contributions

Implement a strategy to enhance your super, save on taxes, and build additional wealth, ensuring a retirement that’s as unique as your aspirations.

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