Transparent Financial Guidance & Pricing

Fintor maintains transparency, openly presenting our fees without hidden processes or complex barriers when you seek professional guidance. We are confident that our service quality and costs offer true value compared to the broader Australian advice community.

Initial Decission

Before deciding on any financial advice and its related fee, discover the value that Fintor offers.

Personal Mentor Pricing

Understand the value of advice and the investment you’ll make to enhance your unique financial future.

The upfront cost of your investment

Fintor’s financial advice team are passionate about helping our clients succeed.

Our team members are highly trained and dedicated to conducting thorough market research and product investigation before your first onboarding meeting. We are committed to providing personalized and efficient advice to support our clients on their financial journey. Behind the scenes is where 80% of the work is completed, we work tirelessly to deliver the best possible recommendations and support.

The fee you should expect
Initial Meeting
The Mentor Program Free
The Financial Academy Free
Professional Advice Free
Onboarding Meeting
The Mentor Program $500
The Financial Academy $500
Professional Advice $500
Pathway / Proposal Meeting
The Mentor Program Six Month Commitment $1,794 (Paid Monthly)
The Financial Academy Six Month Commitment $3,594 (Paid Monthly)
Professional Advice 50% of Total Advice Fee
Upfront Advice Fees
The Mentor Program Included
The Financial Academy Included
Professional Advice $500 - $15,000 depending on complexity
Regular Ongoing Fees
The Mentor Program $299.00 Per month OR $3,588 per annum
The Financial Academy $599.00 Per month OR $7,188 per annum
Professional Advice Not Applicable

Professional Advice & Implementation Fees

Fintor’s financial advice team is deeply committed to our clients’ success.

Our all-inclusive fee structure ensures there are no extra charges for unforeseen issues or complications arising during the implementation of our advice. Our promise is straightforward: Fintor completes the task within the allocated time, or we absorb the cost. We never pass on charges for inefficiencies or mistakes, even if they are not our fault, ensuring a transparent and fair experience for our clients.

Online Interact members receive a discount of 25% OR 50% on advice fees associated to the financial eduction they complete. This discount is in addition to the bundled advice fee discounts!

Bundled Advice Fee Discount
Initial Advice fee Discount
First Topic 0.00%
Second Topic 10.00%
Third Topic 20.00%
Fourth Topic 30.00%
Fifth Topic 40.00%
Six OR More Topics 50.00%
*Advice topics are calculated collectively before applying the discount.
The Mentor Program The Financial Academy Professional Advice Fee
Onboarding Process & Fess
Initial Introduction Meeting - 30 Minutes Free Free Free
Onboarding Meeting $500 $500 $500
Proposal Meeting Deposit Required Deposit Required 50% of Advice fee Payable Upon Proceeding
Cashflow Management Advice & Implementation Fees- As required
Banking & budget Optimisation Included Included $1,250
Personal Lending strategy, Refinance & Repayment Optimisation Included Included $850
Investment Lending strategy, Refinance & Repayment Optimisation Included Included $950
Centrelink & Family Assistance Benefits Included Included $1,150
Wealth Protection Advice & Implementation Fees- As required
Cash Reserve & Liquidity Strategy Included Included $650
Basic Estate Planning & Protection Advice Included Included $400
Insurance product advice Included Included $850
Insurance Needs Analysis Included Included $650
Comprehensive Insurance Needs Analysis Included $1150
Comprehensive Estate Planning & Protection Advice Included $1,050
Wealth Creation Advice & Implementation Fees- As required
Investment Risk appetite & profiling advice Included Included $650
Super Risk appetite & profiling advice Included Included $550
Investment establishment, ownership & product advice Included Included $1,100
Investment contribution strategy Included Included $800
Investment Withdrawal strategy Included Included $800
Superannuation product advice Included Included $1,100
Superannuation Consolidation & Rollover Included Included $800
Concessional (tax Deductibel) Super Contribution strategy Included Included $600
Non-Concessional Super contribution strategy Included Included $600
Superannuation estate planning Included Included $250
Portfolio Management & Investment Selection
Outsourced Portfolio Solutions (Per Strategy) Included Included $650
Tailored Portfolio Solutions (Per Strategy) Included Included $1,275
Integrated Portfolio Solutions (Per Strategy) Included Included $200
Retirement Planning Advice & Implementation
Retirement planning Advice Included Included $2,250
Transition to retirement advice Included Included $2,250
Centrelink Advice Included Included $1,250
Aged Care Advice Included Included $1,250
Specialist Strategy Advice & Implementation
Property Portfolio Analysis Included $1,850
Borrowing to invest (gearing) Included $1,500
Debt Recycling Included $1,850
Self-Managed Superannuation (SMSF) Establishment Included $2,500
Self-Managed Superannuation (SMSF) Review Included $1,500
SMSF Rollover & Consolidation Included $1,350
SMSF Investment Strategy Document & Review Included $600
SMSF Property Strategy Included $1,150
SMSF Lending Strategy Included $1,850
SMSF Estate Planning Strategy Included $350
Small Business Retirement Advice & Concessions Included $2,450

What You Get for $500

Yes, Fintor charges fees where others might not, but here’s why: Many planners invest hours in assisting potential clients, yet only about 50-60% proceed. Inevitably, those who engage end up subsidizing the cost for those who don’t.

Fintor’s approach to charging is to ensure affordable advice fees for our clients committed to enhancing their unique financial future. This policy helps us maintain fair pricing for our dedicated clients.

Introduction Meeting

  • Enjoy a free 20-30-minute meeting to determine our compatibility and to outline key aspects of our process, licensing, legal terms, fees, and what to expect regarding timing, location and service.

Collecting Information

  • Register for Fintor’s free membership and access our wealth portal. Our system takes it from there. The more details you provide, the more efficient, accurate, and beneficial our advice will be.

Onboarding Meeting - $500 Fee

  • Fintor charges $500 for this meeting, aimed at understanding your goals, objectives, and aspirations. It’s an essential opportunity to update your information and consider future changes. Our advice team will also introduce strategies appropriate to your specific goals.

Expert Analysis

  • Our team of expert advisers and brokers diligently assesses viable options, developing multiple strategies and alternatives for your consideration. This approach is a key part of our commitment to transparency, demonstrating the value of our advice relative to our fee.

Engagement Meeting

  • Our strategy and engagement meeting will showcase practical strategies aligned with your goals, highlighting their benefits and implications. Crucially, our team will clearly outline the advantages of our advice and compare it to our fee, ensuring transparency before any agreement.

Still Need Convincing?

Fintor offers a free 20 – 30 minute introduction meeting!

You can ask questions, see if we’re the right fit and have confidence in your choice.


Transparent Support

Fintor’s financial advice team is driven by a passion for our clients’ success.

Before and advice fee is agreed too, our highly skilled team conducts extensive market research and product analysis, ensuring we offer personalized and efficient advice. Much of our effort, about 80%, happens behind the scenes, where we diligently work to provide top-notch recommendations and support.

To maintain competitive fees while dedicating ample resources to each client, we implement a fair charging structure.

Free & Premium Financial Courses

Access a wide range of financial education 24/7.


One complete view of your finance, progress & goals. Customised reporting & advice document portal.

Investment Portfolio's

Access Fintor’s latest investment portfolios and latest updates.

Research & Opportunities

Access market-leading investment research, economic updates & opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

Which courses are free?

Currently, Fintor provides three free comprehensive financial education courses including; Insurance Optimisation, Super Optimisation and Budget Optimisation. Fintor plans to expand it free education offering in time.


Why does Fintor provide free courses?

Fintor makes money from advising Australian’s from all walks of life. To engage, excite and inform Australians of the life changing benefits Financial Advice can deliver, Fintor is happy to give insight and guidance into the process financial advice takes to uncover your potential. Once you’ve completed your first course Fintor is confident you will continue with our engaging education to better your financial future!

Why does Fintor provide over a 40% discount on advice fees for people who complete a financial course?

Each course informs, educates and asks the attendee to research and analyse their own situation. This process allows Fintor to significantly reduce the time it spends gathering information, explaining strategies, features and concepts. With an informed and engaged customer our advice process becomes efficient which reduces time spent & the overall cost to you. It’s a process designed to help you save… Basically what a financial team should be doing!

Why is your education content so cheap compared to Fintor’s advice fee?

Fintor financial education platform is designed to compliment Fintor’s advice process through members gaining the knowledge they seek and a heightened understanding of the advice topics & strategies their adviser may discuss.  At no point does any lesson provide advice.

How does Fintor use my information?

Fintor is able to see the basic information entered into the form at sign up. Any information provided to Fintor is held with the strictest of confidence and subject to our Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) Privacy Policy.

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